Work life balance as an international student.

As an international student, although I enjoy all the advantages of using information technology, I get affected by its negative impacts on using these tools. I have to be mindful of the negative effects that impacts my personal and family life and my health. It seemed that even if I know that our life is not balanced with our work, we are still so entangled that we just can’t help it but to yield and continue with that imbalance. Problems like financial, social and health has overtaken our personal and family lives.

In these changing times, we just have to adapt by continuing to learn openly in school and just do what we need to do. These are forces that we can’t even control and we are forced to just be as flexible as we can be. We have to learn to simplify our personal lives just so we can cope up to the changing technology.

For me, the only way that I will be able to cope up properly with my work life balance is to accept that this is the cost of living in this digital age. Once you are optimistic on these, then you will learn to be flexible about it. The only reason why some people just can’t stop getting frustrated is because they are pressured by the demands of life. Dissatisfaction bring frustration and often will start to unbalance ones ‘work life positions. We start blaming the digital technology as having to do with not being able to maintain our work life balance. But in reality, technology has been very advantageous for us to achieve success in life.

As an international student, what are your ways to achieve work life balance?

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Achieving work life balance in the digital workplace.

Companies need to stay competitive if they wanted to be successful. The speed of information sharing makes it very easy to communicate with other people. Processes or services, that are digitized have created greater efficiencies. Companies need to keep up with changes in technology to stay relevant and marketable. As such, in order to stay competitive, marketable, and relevant, it’s important for companies to upgrade their technologies on how they serve consumers. Workers/individuals would need to upgrade their skills to fit those job requirements to fulfill those needs. This creates a demand from the workplace, because there’s a need to meet those demands.

While the advent of digital technology, spurred knowledge information sharing at a speed of light, there are some downsides. With so much information available at our fingertips, sometimes it is difficult to discern which is factual or not. It can be overwhelming for people to digest what information is truly relevant to them and which information is not valuable at all. With the increase of sharing information, there are more tendencies to misuse, lose and manipulate that information. Social media is a perfect example of a powerful tool that while connects everyone globally, it also has the ability to isolate. Because we are often sharing information on social media, we are spending less face-to-face time with people. It makes you think you’re connected, but are you really?

The greatest challenge in the digital workplace is the problem of connectivity to other countries. While we are enjoying the technology being offered by digitized countries, it is getting dragged out by the not so digitized companies in other countries. We can be all digitized but may not be successful after all because other countries are not ready for the digital revolution.

The problems we create by being digital affects largely our work life balance. We waste so much time when we are supposed to minimize time spent. Therefore, we have to be careful, set our priorities and know that all these should not affect how we manage our work life balance. The way we manage sensitive information is a challenge as well. In the digital world, we are open to hackers. We have the duty to protect sensitive information.
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How do you achieve work life balance in the digital workplace?

How do you adapt to the digital workplace?

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What is work life balance?

We live in the digital age where the millennial generation has adapted a lifestyle of a boundaryless society (Fabrizio Gerly, 2015). The digital age has controlled each and every one of us and personally, it has negatively affected my work life balance.

Fortunately, I have learned to adapt flexibility in managing my work life balance. Because of insured connectivity, I can work on different time zones and even outside of my geographic area. Because technology has allowed me to work and connect with other people easily, anytime and anywhere, I wanted to adapt this lifestyle. Hyper connected information age is to my advantage. I have to openly adapt and be flexible of what the digital technology has to offer.

Although it is true that the challenge would be on how to be successful in managing the balance of one’s work and life, I believe that the best way to achieve a work life balance would be to first identity your goals and priorities in life and be determined to fulfill these priorities. Second, the virtue of endurance plays an important role to have a work life balance. Because patience comes with endurance, I learned to be flexible and be able to adapt to changes patiently without disrupting my work life balance. Success is what I am yearning for. If people are smart, resourceful and have the positive attitude that each and everyone have their own goals, then we will have our ways of getting what we want. Just make sure that your work life balance is always steady so that you will be successful.

I used to work 10 years ago where we don’t even have reliable computer connectivity and it was so different from this fully digitized age. I thought that I can’t adapt to these changing times and might not manage my work life balance. But I am so determined that whatever technological set up I have now, is a challenge to be even more positive in reaching my goals in life.

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How is your work life balance?

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